Message Series: Stewardship - He Owns It All!

By Pastor Mark Geer |  September 16, 2015


Have you ever felt like churches just "want my money"?  That thought seems to bother quite a few people these days and because of it, many feel uncomfortable whenever an offering is taken or a special financial appeal is given in the church.  Some people have even quit attending church over financial matters because they feel it is personally intrusive to have the pastor talk about money.  When questioned about it they often express their feelings in these terms:  "It is none of the churches business what I do with my money, how much I give, when I give it or to whom or what I give it to."

Is there perhaps a more healthy plan God had in mind concerning people's finances and His Church?  The Bible certainly indicates so.  It all starts with a healthy perspective on ownership and who our resources and wealth originally belongs to.  Furthermore, the Scriptures indicate that money matters are truly matters of the heart.  So a transparent examination of what's going on inside of us and what makes us hold loosely or tight-fisted to things is quite revealing.  Finally, a close look at God's Word reveals that God IS interested in what we do with our money and not only calls us into accountability for it but also into obedience concerning Biblical principles He has given for how we are to deal with our income.

This September we are exploring the topic of Biblical Stewardship in a 3-Part message that will challenge you to look at your money differently, Biblically, and generously.  You will discover that God "owns it all" and has given us good healthy guidance and counsel concerning proper ways of stewarding the resources He has blessed us with.  Come join us and discover a new way of looking at finances that leaves you feeling positive about your church and desiring to invest in the Kingdom of God.

Stewardship Series At-A-Glance:   1 Chronicles 29:10-20
September 6th ~ "It's A Matter of Ownership"
September 20th ~ "It's A Matter of the Heart"
September 27th ~ "It's a Matter of Obedience"