Message Series: The Daily Five - Spiritual Practices That Will Change Your Life

By Pastor Mark Geer |  September 30, 2015


Few would argue that we live in a fast-changing world and an age of technology.  There are more and more toys, tools, and techniques to try than one has the time to give to them.  It’s fun!  It’s fascinating!  And it’s frustrating!  Why?  Because far too many times the things that get our attention and time are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Skype, and our IPhones, IPads, ITunes, and many other things that bring pleasure to “I”. 
What gets neglected in many cases is time with God.  Spiritual practices that can change your life are pushed aside for things that bring temporary and fleeting please at best. 
Throughout Scripture we discover over and over that there a several spiritual practices that were followed by people of the Old Testament and the New Testament and within the Early Church.  They were spiritual disciplines that were a part of their everyday life.  They constituted the “Christian Way” and were essential to believer’s spiritual growth, ministry effectiveness, and daily victory.
During the months of October and November our message series is going to focus on five of these spiritual practices that we are calling “The Daily Five”.  They are things that every believer should incorporate into their daily lives with as little or as much time as they can accommodate.  They are spiritual practices that will change your life!  At first glance they may seem familiar, ordinary, common and routine.  Yet as we look a little deeper and explore the daily value of these practices I think we will discover together that “The Daily Five” are underexplored, unique in nature, dynamic and transforming when utilized. 
Join me on this adventure of “The Daily Five” and watch your spiritual relationship with Christ soar to new heights and reach levels of spiritual growth and excitement you’ve only dreamed about.

The Daily Five Series At-A-Glance:   Colossians 2:6-7
October 4th ~ An Introduction to “The Daily Five”
October 11th ~ #1 "Scripture”
October 18th ~ Guest Missionary Speaker
October 25th ~ #2 "Prayer”
November 1st ~ #3 "Meditation”
November 8th ~ #4 "Witness”
November 15th ~ #5 "Love