Message Series: The Holy Spirit - The Third Person of the Godhead

By Pastor Mark Geer |  October 2, 2016

The Holy Spirit ~ The Third Person of the Godhead
Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the World Today

The presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the sacred text of Scripture is one that cannot be ignored or denied.  God’s work by His Spirit is everywhere.  Comprehensively from Old Testament to New Testament the activity of the Spirit of God is a predominant theme, emphasis, desire and necessity.
Unfortunately, too many people today have not even heard of the Holy Spirit.  They are missing out on God’s great gift and promise of His indwelling presence that is designed to comfort, encourage and empower us for daily living.  And it’s not just unchurched people who haven’t heard about the Holy Spirit.  Far too often the church is filled with people who attend regularly, have made a decision to follow Christ, but have not heard about or truly encountered the blessing of the Holy Spirit through baptism. 
More likely than not they sense His presence in worship, they feel Him speaking to them through God’s Word during the message, and they may even experience His convicting work upon their hearts around the altar or in prayer.  But far too often they leave Him behind not knowing that this great gift of God was intended to be a continuous presence and partner in our daily lives Monday through Sunday! 
Our series “The Third Person of the Godhead” is designed with the purpose of creating exposure to the Holy Spirit and encouraging people to seek the baptism in the Spirit so that they can live empowered and impactful lives for the Lord each and every day of the week.
This Year’s Focus is on:  Discovering, Experiencing, and Serving!
1) Message #1 ~ DISCOVERY: Disabling the Influence of Ignorance   October 2

  • Big Idea:  People need to hear about the Holy Spirit so they can receive the fullness of all that God intends for them.   /  Acts 19:1-2
2) Message #2 ~ EXPERIENCE: Engaging the Spirit through Baptism October 9
  • Big Idea:  The experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a dynamic personal supernatural encounter with the Third Person of the Godhead.    /  Acts 19:3-7    
3) Message #3 ~ SERVICE:  Empowering the Church for Ministry        October 16
  • Big Idea:  The Purpose of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is to enable Christ-Followers to Boldly Tell Christ’s Story.  /  Acts 19:8 – 21:14
Come join us for a wonderful life-changing series!

God bless,

Pastor Mark Geer